Cranfield Univ, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin display concept autonomous hybrid-EV wit...

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 16 Jul 2018

The concept is developed in partnership with Aston Martin, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Rolls-Royce, which is a near-future study that previews a luxurious flying autonom...

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The Renault and Dacia brands have set a half-year sales record; sales up 18.1% in the Americas region and 15.1% in Eurasia; Renault remains the second...

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Bosch and Daimler will offer customers a shuttle service with automated vehicles on selected routes in California. The partners have selected the US ...

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The agreement forms part of a broad-based partnership between the companies in the two countries initiated by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and German Ch...

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The world's first mobile hydrogen fuelling station uses liquid hydrogen rather than the high-pressure gas used by fuelling stations in the US and Japa...

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With the addition of its full-electric and unique four-mode hybrid powertrains, Cummins states EDI will broaden the company’s electrification expertis...

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Opinion: Why the next Range Rover faces the toughe...
by Steve Cropley, Autocar UK 05 Jul 2018

Electrification provides new challenges that the next Range Rover will have to overcome.

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The ConVeX consortium demonstrated common situations that can take place between motorcycles and vehicles, and how C-V2X (Cellular-Vehicle to Everythi...

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The team claims that the high-strength aluminium alloy is durable and lightweight and is just as strong or possibly stronger than, stainless steel.

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Spectrophotometers are simply a better way to match colours, and faster, right-first-time colour matches mean optimised work flow processes, helping b...

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Burgeoning demand from the lithium-ion battery industry and fast-growing Chinese electric vehicle market, estimated to reach around a million units by...

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The meeting saw industry and representatives discussing on a range of subjects including coordination among European Unions, member states and the Uni...

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The stored battery modules are sufficient for at least 600 vehicles, and has a installed power output of 8.96 MW and energy capacity of 9.8 MW, and ca...

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Continental is collaborating with Nvidia, Baidu and many other research institutes for AI research , including the University of Oxford, the Technisch...

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The new innovation can help lower emissions and improve performance by reducing vehicle weight.

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Nissan states it was specifically recognised for its vehicle-to-grid and second-life battery systems.

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The new compound christened Pocan AF4130 offers extremely low warpage and in particular high flame retardance.

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The collaboration between the two companies in Southeast Asia seeks to further advance Mobility as a Service (MaaS) across the region.

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The Alliance aims to sell 14 million vehicles by 2022, of which 9 million will be built on four common platforms including electric and B-segment vehi...

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UK vote at the UN's EU-dominated car regulations forum will be 'relegated to the second division of rule-making', says David Ward.

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The hardware will enable car owners to remotely lock and unlock their cars, automatically track mileage and geo-locate their vehicle.

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